Which stream to choose? Science, Commerce or Arts?

Commerce, Science or Arts – Which stream should you choose after tenth?

Who am I to answer that question? Startled? Read on… 

My school friends asked me to take up science stream after my 10th standard.  My cousin sister asked me to study science too, so did my uncle, aunt, neighbour and even neighbour’s dog! [jokes aside, but that is pretty much the kind of advice we get from people all around us].  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Science, in fact, I love science, but that doesn’t mean that you should too.  

Each of us has certain strengths and weaknesses; a few things we absolutely love and some things we don’t like much.  And guess who knows what your strengths are, and what you absolutely love – that’s right – It’s YOU.  So, who do you think should make the choice about which stream/branch of studies you need to choose? again, you are right – YOU!

Easy to follow steps to figure out which stream to choose:

What follows are some simple practical steps that you can take now to choose which stream of education would be best for you. Do you really wanna know which stream would be best for you? Are you ready?

Ok, good, here we go…

1. Just go to a place of silence, maybe your study room or your bedroom.

2. Take a pen and paper

3. Sit down, relax, close your eyes and think back to your school days

4. Ask yourself these questions:

           – Which subjects did I enjoy learning most in school?

           – Which subjects came most naturally to me? Maybe you scored consistently high in those subjects during your quarterly, half yearly as well as your final exam

            – Which subjects was I much appreciated for? 

5. Write them down on the piece of paper you have.

6. On the same paper, write down what you want to achieve in the future – Your goal, Your ambition? [an MBA, an Engineer, a Chartered Accountant,a Lawyer, a Doctor, an artist or whatever it is, that you wanna become.]

7. Ask yourself, “Am I sure, that is what I want to become?”

8. Now look at your favourite subjects in school, and what you plan to become in the future

9. Match it – are your scores inline with your goals? Example: If you loved maths and science and you intend to become an Engineer, then you see science stream is an excellent choice.  On the other hand, if you were not so passionate about maths and science in school, but loved social science perhaps, commerce could be excellent for you.  Even better, if you loved languages, writing and poetry – Arts can be perfect for you!

10. Make your decision. Talk to your parents, tell them why you chose a stream and ask for their inputs.  Bingo, you have your choice.  See, that was easy, wasn’t it? 😀


There are great career opportunities in any field that YOU are passionate about.  So you choose what you love and are good at and opportunities will follow.  Don’t worry too much about what other people think or say.  Just know what you are good at, and what you love to do.

Good luck!!


In my next post, I will list down a bunch of PU colleges that are good at specific streams.  I hope this helps.  Please let me know what your choices are, if the 10-step exercise helped you or any suggestions in the comments box below.  Help me help you better!

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Pre-University Colleges In Bangalore

With heart full of dreams and an eagerness to know what lies ahead, students who have successfully completed their tenth grade would look forward to a fun-filled college life.  For most, this transition can be exhilarating! It should be!

From relatives and friends to neighbours and acquaintances, the constant question to you during this period would be “which college will you join?”  The sublime emotion would at this point turn into fear – the fear of unknown.  While some students may have decided about the course of study or the college they would join, there will be a few who will need some guidance.

Well, fret not, we are here to help you.  We will not only advice you on the best course of study to undertake, but also give you details of the best PU colleges and Diploma schools in Bangalore.  Stay tuned!

Here’s a quick question, What do you need advice on?


what do I do next?



If you have information to share, or any questions you wanna ask, you can reach me at cmmanjunath2k5@gmail.com 

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